Let's repopulate our cities with butterflies, to make them better and more eco-friendly places to live.

sighting Inachis-io Milan September 2013

Butterflies have been trying to return to our cities for a few years now, but the flowers and plants they feed on are scarce. Let's cultivate butterfly-friendly seeds and plants on our balconies and terraces, in our gardens, lawns and flower beds, so as to create safe 'butterfly corridors' connecting city parks to green areas around the city, which the butterflies will follow from April to November each year.

Effective butterfly corridors can only be created by large-scale participation.

If you want to join in and help to create a safe corridor, get hold of butterfly-friendly seeds and plants and create your own 'butterfly Oasis'.

Then, using the web application Bridge the gap, post your butterfly oasis on your city's map of butterfly corridors. You will be able to monitor the butterflies' gradual reclamation of the city. It's not just home owners that can take part: we need schools, kindergartens, hospitals and community gardens too.

About us

Coordinamento generale:
Gustavo Gandini, FacoltÓ di Medicina Veterinaria, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano; Presidente della Fondazione Trust the Forest ONLUS

Biologia delle farfalle:
Gianumberto Accinelli, entomologo, scrittore

Piante e fiori per farfalle:
Emanuela Borio, Studio di paesaggistica

Progetti nelle scuole:
Geraldina Strino